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Did you know its best to eat all foods from the area which the animals graze from so you are innoculated with the local bacteria

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About Us

Amish Hollow Farm was founded by Ben & Emanuel with a mission

To deliver fresh farm foods to all in need that his own family has using from the past generations, and has kept them physically and mentally fit and healthy.” We at Amish Hollow Farm have taken it as a generation after generation passion to provide those seeking beneficial food from organic sources that have not been treated with pesticides, hormones, or GMOs. Image result for grass fed guernsey cows

We offer naturally produced dairy and meat from A2 cattle, fed with raw organic grass. We believe in one thing only and that is not compromising on a healthy lifestyle which can be achieved if you eat healthy food. Our meat and dairy ensure nourishment of your body and invigoration of your soul. We are committed to help you achieve stability in life by providing you with delicious and healthy food. We truly provide you with a directly “fresh from the farm to table” experience.

Amish Hollow Farm considers its products, and the way they are produced, to beable improve the lives of consumers in a holistic manner. Our naturally produced meat, dairy, and vegetables bring you health and natural goodness that has a very positive impact on your life. We make sure our products not only fuel your body, but also it inspires you in understanding how consuming natural, unpasteurized foods can improve your life.

Our Products

· Organic Dairy

· Organic Meats

· Organic vegetables

Unlike the hassel traveling back and forth to the supermarket

We provide home delivery to our customers. We want to make sure that you get fresh farm foods to our customers, including A2 raw dairy as well as grass fed meats. You don’t need to drive all the way to the farm in order to buy fresh meats and dairy.

We will deliver it farm fresh straight to your doorstep!